Where creativity + detail meet that natural raw emotion. At Freebird Photography we aim to capture the essence of who you are through photos that are jam-packed with life.  Our style definitely takes on a more natural approach, blending a bit of photojournalism with an editorialized twist.  When the timing is right, we'll step in and give you prompts, queues and creative direction, which will naturally allow movements and emotions to unfold.   

As for working together?  We're BIG on communication.  Whether it's over a coffee, cocktail, email or text, let's talk it out!  The more involved we are along the way, the better prepared we can be the day-of. We're happy to be your unbiased soundboard for all things planning albiet wedding timelines or something simpler, like coordinating outfits for a family or commercial shoot. 

Have questions?  Holler at us!  We'd love to chat.

Meet Kate | Owner/Lead Photographer

Hey there!  I’m Kate.  I’m a born and raised New Englander that always needs to be busy doing something. I listen to music way too loud, love chocolate covered donuts, spend way too much money on coffee, try to hit up a spin class when my schedule allows, and love any project that allows me to think, work and be creative.

Before making the full-time leap into Freebird, I worked in Advertising, managing everything from day-to-day operations to strumming up new, creative tag-lines and campaign ideas.  After three years of doing the double full-time job juggle, I finally made the move into life as a self-employed entrepreneur.  So far, life has been something like a dream for me.  I wake up every morning, grab a coffee with my sweet girl Gretta (my Mini-Australian Shepherd), and do what I love everyday. Sure, working every weekend can be grueling, mentally and physically taxing, but I can guarantee you that I wake up extremely thankful each morning. 

Whether I’m editing, shooting, answering emails, styling for a shoot or brainstorming ideas, I put my all into Freebird... 100% of the time.  The response I get from my clients and peers not only motivates me to keep doing what I'm doing but also pushes me to learn more and grow from my experiences.

I currently live, play and work on the North Shore of Massachusetts.  Holler at me if you’re ever in Newburyport!  I’m always down for an impromptu coffee, cocktail or photo shoot. 


A graduate of University of New Hampshire, New England is no foreign place to this chick.  Hitting the slopes in the winter and the water in the summer, Marissa lives and loves everything Northeast.

This reality TV junkie and Words with Friends expert has a love affair with–well, food.  (Hold the beets, grape leaves and raw oysters.)

When it came time to take on a second shooter, there was no doubt in Kate’s mind that Marissa was the perfect fit.She’s social, super approachable, creative, great behind a lens, and really exhibits what the Freebird brand and philosphy is all about.
Together Kate and Marissa can be seen working the floor together during weddings and other large scale events.